Hiking the St. Olav Way

22nd July 2016

We stayed in Oppdal last night in the Rennebu region. After a great nights sleep we went up to Oppdal Kirke, (the church) to start our walk as this had the stone marker for 153 kms left to Nidaros the final point of our walk. 

This area has a lot to offer any sports enthusiast. With the river Driva being one of the best in Norway for all paddle sports. There also is plenty of places for horseback riding, fishing and hunting, there is musk-Ox and moose safaris, dog sledding, rock climbing and more. We past quite a few ski run today as well so I would imagine the place would be booming in winter as well.

Our walk itself was long and not anything too exciting today as it was just all on back roads. The views however were as beautiful as always. It was very hot also though right at the end as we only had about 3 km to go the sky opened up, always the way.

Two pilgrims on horses and their little jack Russel passed us in the afternoon. We had seen them a few days earlier in the mountains. They started their journey on the 28th of June and plan to finish on the 28th July, the same day as us. 

Tonight we are staying in an old disused school building converted to a guesthouse. We had a home cooked meal and now bed before we tackle tomorrow.

21st July 2016 A really fun time in the hut and we actually did get some sleep, (thanks to our iPods) We woke early to the most beautiful day yet with hardly a cloud in the sky!  Today’s…

Source: Hiking the St. Olav Way


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